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Tots To Teens Furniture

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Maxtrix Kids

The Maxtrix System

The Furniture System that Grows

Maxtrix® Kids is a furniture system – so everything we sell is based on components that can be configured (and re-configured) any way you would like. See something you like but want to change the ladder? No problem with Maxtrix® Kids – everything is modular.

Want the Play Bed today but worried she may grow out of it quickly? That’s exactly why we have created this system. You can re-use components and create the perfect environment for your child not just once, but many times over.

It’s simply the most economical and environmentally sustainable method to furnish your child’s room.

Safety Standards

Maxtrix® Safety Standards

Safety is our number 1 concern, so we beat US and EU safety standards!

  • Withstands 800 lb
  • Maxtrix® features industry-leading 11” safety guard height with a low profile mattress such as MaxMattresses.
  • Maxtrix® is fully compliant. Maxtrix® provides optional wooden plugs to cover drill holes. Should you chose to use them, ensure they are firmly inserted at assembly to avoid choking hazard.
  • Maxtrix® uses acrylic paint for the white finish, nc lacquer (nitro cellulose) for natural and chestnut finishes. Both get tested twice – by our suppliers and again by us – for chemical compliance for US and EU safety standards.
  • Maxtrix® slides are designed extra sturdy and feature a curved landing area, with 3” high sides.
  • Our patented Rock Lock™ system creates a rock solid connection between 2 beds.
  • All dressers come with an anti-tip kit, drawers have passed commercial grade tests (withstanding opening and closing 40,000 times).
  • With every angle ladder, Maxtrix® provides and extra sturdy handrail to safely get in and out of bed. Maxtrix® ladder steps are grooved to avoid slippage.

Federal Safety Standards

The following 5 Key Safety Standards for Bunk and Loft Beds are Federally Mandated (USA).

  • Withstands 400 lb weight
  • Gaps/openings can be no smaller than 3.5” And no larger than 9”.
  • Height between the top of the mattress and the top of the guardrail needs to be 5” at minimum.
  • To counter strangulation risk, protrusions no higher than 5” on the bedposts are allowed for the top bunk.
  • No lead may be used in finishes, no phthalates may be used in plastics.



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