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Why Greenguard Certified Baby Furniture?

25 September, 2018

Did you know that children are more sensitive to pollutants and toxins than adults? As a child is growing, their exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants can have a direct impact on their overall health and wellness, which is why it is important that you are cautious about the types of products that they are exposed to.

How are Children Impacted by Indoor Pollutants?

To the bare eye, your home might look safe and comfortable for your family. But, there are often certain products and items that are increasing the amount of indoor pollutants in your home. These items can be especially harmful to young children for several reasons. Certain products in your home might be releasing toxins and pollutants into the air and harming the health of your child.

Children are smaller, and they breathe in a larger amount of air relative to their body size (compared to adults). Additionally, they are closer to the ground, which causes them to breathe in the heavier airborne chemicals that sit lower in the area. Children often tend to breathe through their mouths more frequently, resulting in a situation where substances in the air are absorbed into the blood stream more quickly.

Remember that your child is still growing and developing, so there are several major systems within the body that can be damaged by chemical exposure: respiratory system, immune system, neurological systems, and all of the major organs.

Protecting Your Children from Pollutants

If you want to protect the health of your family, then you need to make sure that you are choosing products that have been certified as pollutant free. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is an organization that can be trusted to provide you the information that you are searching for. This organization independently tests products to help you find items that have low levels of pollutants, including phthalates, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Greenguard Baby Brands You Can Trust

Here at Tots to Teens Furniture, we are committed to helping you choose the best products for your children. We have two brands that you might consider, which offer stylish and durable products that have been Greenguard Certified:

Whether you are buying baby cribs, dressers, or larger beds for your home, it is essential that you consider the quality of the products that you are buying. For more information about the Greenguard Certification and choosing high quality, safe products for your home, we invite you to contact our experienced team at Tots to Teens Furniture any time. We are always happy to answer your questions and help with anything that you need!