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Designer Baby Cribs

20 November, 2018

Colorful and Creative Nurseries Start With A Designer Baby Crib

Putting together a nursery can be a fun and creative task when you are getting ready for your little one. Often we think of nurseries with traditional, muted colors, pastels and neutral designs. But nurseries don’t have to be quite so classic.

Bright Colors and Fun Themes for Your Nursery

Colorful, creative nurseries are a wonderful start to your baby’s future. With new designer baby cribs, anything goes. Cribs are available in many different styles and finishes, including dark woods, colors, and even white baby cribs. Since there are many different options available, you easily can find a crib that perfectly fits your vision.

With a dark wood crib, you can create a variety of different looks for a nursery. Dark cribs work well with themes like jungle or pirate, and they also look fantastic with a variety of color themes. Grey and pink nurseries look incredible with a darker crib, and rich blues and greens also look great with a darker wood finish. Designer baby cribs are available in many different styles, and the darker wood finishes are a popular option for these different designs to create a rich, beautiful look for your nursery.

Another popular option for decorating a nursery is to use bright, bold colors or designs on the walls and textiles, with a white baby crib for a crisp and modern look. A bold color choice may seem intimidating, but the addition of white furniture really tones the color and makes the room come together. With rich colors like turquoise, green, or even orange on the walls, a white crib helps to create a contemporary, unique look. The bright colors will stand out and can grow up with your child.

It can be easy to have fun with themes in the nursery. From princesses and castles to nautical boats and fish, a theme can be a great way to get started with your baby’s room. But it is important to choose a theme that can be neutral as well. It is tempting to take your theme all the way, but covering everything from the walls to the bedding and curtains in monkeys and jungle patterns may become overwhelming. Mixing in more classic, neutral elements and a strong color scheme can help to tone down a wild theme.

Using White Baby Cribs in the Nursery

When you need inspiration for your baby’s room, it is fun to look at magazines and collect ideas from sites like Pinterest. With these inspirations in mind, you can then shop for the pieces that will make your baby’s nursery unique. Tots to Teens carries many different designers and styles of children’s furniture, to help inspire and make your ideas come to life.

Some of our collections that are great for creating beautiful rooms for your little princess include:

Some of the collections we have available to design your little boy’s room around include:

All of the furniture from Tots to Teens is high quality and made to last. Our showroom is available to give parents ideas about how to set up the nurseries and bedrooms that their kids will grow up in. No matter what style, theme or color scheme you want to create for your little one, there is an option for you at Tots to Teens.