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Choosing a Design Theme to Match Furniture and Decor

26 July, 2017

It is a fun activity to plan the design theme for your child’s room, and many parents spend hours looking through Pinterest to find photos that they like. How do you choose the right types of furniture and décor for the room? You will find a variety of design themes and layouts that you can choose from, and our team at Tots to Teens Furniture can help you find the perfect pieces to match your goals.

What is the Best Approach to Design a Room?

There are two methods that you can choose from when planning the décor for your child’s room. Some parents start with the furniture pieces they like, and then build the theme of the room around the color and style of those furniture pieces.

Another option is to pick a theme first, and then find furniture pieces to match. For example, if you choose a princess theme for a little girl’s room, then you can look for a bed and dresser that will fit into the princess theme.

Finding Inspiration to Choose a Theme

The easiest way to identify the theme that you want for your child’s room is to find a photo similar to the type of room that you are trying to create. Use that photo to identify specific elements that you would like to add, and then start searching for the individual details and furniture pieces to match.

You should also consider the benefits of picking a color palette that will help you maintain the right hues for the room. One of the best way to find corresponding colors is by visiting a paint store to look at paint chips, and then selecting a group of colors that matches your theme. Once you have the paint chips available, it is easy to keep them accessible so that you can reference those paint colors to be sure that everything matches.

Changing Themes as the Child Gets Older

Even though a superhero theme might be fun for a young child, a teenager might not want the same décor in their room when they get older. So, think about ways that the kids furniture can be used with different room themes, to be sure that the furniture will last for a long time.

For example, a navy blue dresser might look good in a superhero room, and you can add the superhero design features with artwork and accessories on the walls or on top of the dresser. Then, when the child outgrows that theme, those items can be removed and the navy blue dresser will be able to work with another design theme instead.

Here at Tots to Teens Furniture, we are here to help! Contact us to find the right furniture for your child’s room.