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Ultimate Baby Crib Buying Guide

28 October, 2017

As you are preparing for your new baby, and it is important that you find the right items and accessories to help with the baby’s needs. The baby crib should be at the top of your priority list, because a high quality crib makes a big difference for the safety of your baby. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for a baby crib:

Find a Convertible Crib

You can save money in the long-run by buying a crib that can be converted into a toddler bed and then to a full-size bed. Many parents mistakenly think that they will need to buy new furniture as the child grows, but the truth is that there are certain types of cribs that can be adjusted for the child. A convertible crib can be used for many years, helping you get the best value for the money that is spent.

Pick a Crib with Stationary Sides

Even though cribs with drop-down sides were popular many years ago, they are now banned because of the safety concerns. Choose a crib that has stationary sides in order to keep your child protected and avoid accidental injury from moving parts.

Use Teething Rails When Possible

When your child starts teething, they are often looking for anything to put in their mouth to soothe their gums. Often, the crib rails are chewed on, leaving the crib looking beat up and worn. Instead of allowing your baby to gnaw on the side of the crib, find a crib that can accommodate plastic teething guards or a rail cover.

Buy a New Crib

You might be tempted to buy a used crib to save money, but it is usually better to stick with a new purchase instead. Older cribs might be outdated and have features that are no longer safe for your child. When you purchase new furniture, you will have the peace of mind to know that your child is sleeping with safe furniture that is up-to-date with current laws and regulations.

Choose Non-Toxic Solutions

Many parents unknowingly subject their child to harmful toxins throughout the day. Take the time to learn more about non-toxic cribs and other furniture, to ensure that your child can sleep safely without the dangers of toxins in your home. We offer furniture that is Greenguard Certified to make it easy for you to find safe furniture.

When you are ready to buy a crib, we invite you to contact our team for more information. We offer a variety of solutions to help you provide a safe, comfortable place for your child to sleep!